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Two teenagers are rushed into the ER because they have been shot by the same bullet fired by a police officer. 

Max has to show around a journalist who wants to write a story on New Amsterdam. Later on the reporter finds out that Max was the one who arranged for it to take place. He wants him to write a good story about the hospital but the reporter keeps focusing on the wrong things. 

One of the boys needs a heart surgery but the cardiac unit is still understaffed and Floyd was too far away. Bloom defies protocol and performs a procedure on Malik, but she pierces his heart. When Floyd returns he has to do what he can to save the boy. 

Lauren reviews the tapes and sees that she didn't do the procedure wrong after all. 

Iggy keeps the police from hounding Malik's aunt, and he talks to her about Malik and trying to cope with what happened. She tells him of the struggles of raising a black boy in American, and it breaks his heart and makes him think of his own kids. 

He tells her about PTSD and coping. 

Kapoor meets his son who comes to see him, but it doesn't go well when he tells his soon that he forgives him but doesn't take ownership for his own flaws. 

Jalen's brother comes to the hospital looking for him. Initially, it seemed Jalen was OK, but that didn't last long. He's taken in for surgery. His brother Javier raises such a ruckus while looking for his brother and being irate at cops that he has to be restrained, but he accidentally elbows Max in the eye giving him a black eye. 

Max talks to the kid, and he eventually is able to take him to his brother, but his brother codes and dies. Max comforts the kid until his mother comes and then the kid has to comfort his mother.

The article about the hospital is more about the tragedy of the kid dying but how the hospital did everything they could to save him.

Max is worried that something else may come up with his biopsy when he loses his voice. Helen checks him out, but he's fine. 

Helen started the episode off being checked out by a gynecologist because she wants children, but she has fertility issues. She's sad to hear that it will be even harder than before for her to have kids. 

Max finally admits that he has cancer and it's not great, and Helen confides in him about wanting a child but the conflicting feeling of bringing a black kid into a world like this. The two of the hug. 


New Amsterdam
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New Amsterdam Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You pushed that needle way too deep into his heart because you are not a cardiac surgeon. You better hope I can fix this!


Luis: Hey, is your voice OK?
Max: Karaoke. One of these I'm going to have to accept that Total Eclipse of the Heart is not within my range.