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They back at Lallybroch. Jenny and Ian had another baby while they were away in Paris. The first crop of potatoes has come in, thanks to Claire's suggestion to grow them.

A package arrives. Claire gets a letter from Louise, Jenny some French novels. Jamie discovers his cousin forged Jamie's signature on a letter pledging loyalty to the Jacobite cause, making him a traitor to the crown.

Jamie has decided he'll just fight as hard as hell to make sure the Jacobites win this fight. What other choice do they have?

They have sex. When Claire wakes up in the middle of the night, she sees Jamie with the baby downstairs. Jenny reminds Claire that it's different for a man because he never really bonds with a baby until it's born.

Suddenly, Claire and Jamie are off to visit Lord Lovat, his grandfather.

Fergus was going to go along, because he thought his place was always with them. They explained to him it's a different situation...or something.

When they arrive, they see Colum. They are not very happy to see him. Claire reminds Colum about the witch trial she was caught up in. He assures Claire Laoghaire was beaten.

Jamie's grandfather is a monster of a man, much like an old swashbuckler in a movie.

Laoghaire finds Claire, talking of god, asking for her forgiveness. Claire doesn't give it to her.

It's so funny watching Jaime turning tides, swinging to the other side of the rebellion trying to talk up the French and how they will support the rebellion.

Jamie thinks his grandfather wants something from them. A trade.

When Claire is walking by Lord Lovat's chamber, he tosses out an old woman named Maisy. Claire helps her off the floor before she runs away.

Meanwhile, Grandpa is chatting with Jamie. He wants to know if Jamie pledged his fealty to Colum. Lord Tevit says either give him Lallybroch or he'll take Claire's honor. Jamie says to go for it. He'll come by to clean up his ashes after he tries. Grampy says hey, I mean any of my men. Then Jamie says Claire is La Dame Blanche. Seems Grampy has a respect for something – witchcraft.

Claire decides to use Laoghaire to make things right.

Claire arranges to drag Grampy's son, Simon, by while Laoghaire is collecting mushrooms. The poor dear is so awkward, but he's adorable. His smile. Oh my. He raises his arm while reading poetry.

Claire finds Maisy in the church. Maisy is a seer. It annoys the Master when she tells him things he doesn't like. She had seen a shadow of an ax fall upon Lord Lovat's face. Claire tells Jamie she saw his death at the hands of an executioner.

Lovat has had his secretary prepare a neutrality pact between the Frasers and the MacKenzies. He's also had a deed of succession drawn up that will give Jamie the army he needs and promises neutrality with the MacKenzies.

Claire has a "vision" in the middle of the signing. Maisy's vision. He wonders if it was King James or King George. She doesn't remember. That's when Simon springs into action. He will fight for King James, he will fight to change the white lady's vision, even if his father will not. The MacKenzies and the Frasers are allies.

Before they go, Claire needs Jamie to say thank you to Laoghaire. She's never going to give up on him.

Just after they leave, no men in tow for the fight, they come upon Lord Lovat in front of an army. He's giving it to Simon and heading home. They do have an army for the Jacobite cause, and Lovat is still neutral.

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Outlander Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Claire: They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Jamie: Well, I dinna ken who 'they' are Sassenach, but I'll wager 'they' have traveled through time.

Claire: So, will I be allowed to join you at dinner tonight?
Jamie: Aye. My grandsa isn't opposed to a little decoration at the dinner table, as long as the decoration doesna speak.